if i could spoke with time……

Time, just let me speak one time
For my lifetime happyness, before it gone pass
You open the door, then I can hear the “hello”
It goin to twenty fourty of second of waitin
All time waiting, waste the hope of old story
Were walking so far, and nobody hear
Second it come for real, just like morning shine
So, could you walk more slowly..?
We got not enough fuel to follow, were weak
You tell about the bloom, and butterfly
Every second, every momment always want me to realize
It come from the window of dream
Where we can sing all the time, and smell the rain
It was a midnight, half hour from the last book
When every episode bring another hero
So it more close to the end of story
Where there something will be happened
So could you walk more slowly
Or take me back million time
mcft mrtshn 2012
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  1. Hello, thx for visiting my immature blog.. haha
    Such a beautiful poem.. Keep writing.. 🙂


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